INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS’s Consultancy Division has been expanding rapidly in last few years to now, including qualified consultants on ICT, Audio Visual, Security and ELV. Our consultants will follow the project from start to finish including the following phases completing the consultancy lifecycle. We have included some of the tasks we would undertake in a consultancy role:

Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration, or “working together”, is the cornerstone of all business productivity. At IT-Serve our goal is to increase the efficiency and minimize the cost of how our clients collaborate. We know that taking collaboration to the next level will allow you to tap into the collective knowledge and creativity of your clients, partners and workforce. Collaboration will allow you to stay current and nimble in the ever- changing business/technology landscape.

Let our unique collaboration solution help you meet your business objectives. Whether your objective is cost control, improved customer satisfaction, employee engagement, innovation and growth or enhanced productivity, our team is passionate about helping you meet your objectives.


Cybersecurity Solutions

On any given day, 146,000,000 fraudulent emails are sent to internet users around the world. As much as 75% of these are SPAM. Millions of dollars have been stolen, countless brands have been smeared and cyber criminals continue to take advantage of our technological age with a very simple tactic: pretending to be you. Take your preventive steps in ensuring your brand, your domains and your reputation remain in tact.

We priding ourselves on being at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime, with our exclusive partnerships, we will solve your email crime problems before they even arise.